It's Monday, Nov. the 18th and Somewhere Between is excited to announce the release of their NEW VIDEO SINGLE, 'Jekyll'. With 2019 coming to a close, the boys wanted to go out with a bang. I would have to say, they definitely accomplished just that. 'Jekyll' is a hard hitting pocket tune that captures everything from their growling vocal tones over Megadeth-esque type riffs to harmony driven, sing-along choruses. The duel guitar work in this song is just what the doctor ordered, adding to the catchy melodies. The guitar solo work is top notch, showing the skill behind both guitar players. Ramz Poindexter (Bassist; Drums; Vocals) says of the song, "It's really interesting to see the evolution of how songs are written in this band. In most of the projects Brett and I shared together, he did most of the writing. Then the rest of the band's contribution to the song is how each of us would add our playing style to each part. Lately Brett and Jay have been collaborating on the songs; working together. You can hear it in the songs themselves." For the video he added, "It was so much fun. Too bad it only lasted a few hours! We literally shot it with some cheap lights and a little handheld camcorder in the studio space... I can't believe how great it turned out." Brett (Vocals, Guitar) adds, "(lyrically) makes me feel like someone was a part of my life, that put on a fake face in front of people but was a complete asshat behind closed doors. Jekyll and Hyde." As for the music part of things he went on to say, "Jay is featured a lot more than me in this song. (And) he's the one who wrote it." Jay (Guitars) shared his vision of the song: "I wrote writing the lyrics to be about the version of people that's hiding in themselves; that gets loose when they drink, or do drugs. Maybe they're not that person anymore, but there's where the personalities differ - Jekyll and Hyde." "The song's deep and dark, and helps the listener explore that place (where) they might have encountered a Jekyll of their own." Somewhere Between is finalizing 2 shows for 2019 this coming weekend, then will be taking a hiatus from the road for an undetermined amount of time to begin work on more new material. New releases are set for 2020... Stay tuned! \m/

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