'Burn It To The Ground' EP Release

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Some of you may have been wondering what the timer all over our social media is for..... well...... the tease is finally over. Somewhere Between is announcing it's BRAND NEW EP RELEASE!! (Friday, February 28th, 2020) The brand new EP, 'Burn It To The Ground', is the heaviest material to date for SB, and we are absolutely EXCITED to share it with you!! The album cover has been revealed.... and man.... does it look AWESOME!! We are HAPPY to work with artist Donald Yatomi again! Don just recently won a holiday art contest with Megadeth. Tasked to design a Christmas card for Megadeth, Don placed 1st internationally! We couldn't be prouder of him, and are excited to share his latest piece - the cover of our new EP - 'Burn It To The Ground'. Here is the tracklisting for the NEW EP: 1) Warmth (Instrumental) 2) Living Again 3) In Despair 4) Oubliette 5) Cabin Fever 6) Stepping Stone More details soon on the release.... Keep watching that timer!!! \m/

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