COVID-19 (Coronavirus) NEWS

Hey metal heads With the current explosion of panic due to the newest strain of the Coronavirus (flu) shows everywhere are being cancelled. This is a result of the current state precautionary measure set in place by Gov. Kate Brown. Currently (as of 4:30pm 3-20-20) the measures have events limited to no more than 25 people. We have been notified that our April 24th show was cancelled. The Wacken Battle 2020 has been postponed; (no makeup date as of yet). We anticipate the cancellation/postponement of our remaining shows, too. Somewhere Between can't express enough how important it is to help stop the spreading of this virus. Simply washing your hands regularly, sanitizing hands and surface areas when possible, and avoiding close contact with people as much as possible are the best ways to prevent further spreading of this new strain of flu. In Oregon, the COVID-19 Hotline has recommended that ANYONE with the illness remain in their homes. As well, they are being told to treat it as any other strain of flu, using standard remedies. The COVID-19 Hotline phone number is: (541) 682-1380 Stay tuned for more info regarding upcoming shows; both cancellations or postponements. We will update as often as possible. For more information on the COVID-19 Coronavirus visit the following link: To stay updated on current state regulations just visit the internet. It's not hard to find right now, considering the attention it's getting. Stay safe - and wash your hands \m/

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