SB Show Updates / COVID-19 Impact

Hey everybody! Just poking our heads in for a moment to update everybody on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it has affected SB and our families. First and foremost, it is my pleasure to announce that EVERYONE in our immediate families are COVID-19 free, and doing great in our respective homes. SB hopes that all is well with our fans and their families as well. The state Oregon in particular is one of the (if not the) best for over all numbers as it pertains to the Coronavirus, and percentages. As we all move forward with this pandemic we implore you to follow the state and CDC regulations to keep from spreading COVID-19: * STAY INDOORS (when at all possible). If we stay indoors, we can spread or contract the virus. Simple logic * WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY The simple act of washing your hands with an anti-bacterial soap for 20 seconds can help tremendously in the spreading of germs of ANY kind, including the Coronavirus. * TRY NOT TO TOUCH YOUR FACE This one is pretty difficult... but as long as we are washing our hands often, we should be ok. If you feel that you are having any symptoms of, or may have COVID-19, one of the best recommendations is to STAY AT HOME and treat it as a regular flu/cold. Going outside will only spread the virus - and we don't want that. If the symptoms are severe GO TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY to try and catch it before it's too late. In the meantime, SB has cancelled or postponed all 2020 shows; (future dates are yet to be scheduled at this time). As of now we have yet to receive updated news about our MetalFest (Bend, OR), Wacken Battle 2020 (Portland, OR) and June 7th (Bend, OR) shows... but we are trying to safely distance ourselves from all public shows until we receive news that we can once again meet in public to play our music for all of you. IF THE PANDEMIC ENDS BEFORE APRIL, we will be attending all future shows scheduled after that time (MetalFest, Wacken Battle 2020, etc.). While we wait for this pandemic to pass, we have safely quarantined ourselves in the studio, where we are beginning to write and record NEW MATERIAL (for release later this year). If you need a SB fix, stay tuned in to our FB and Instagram pages... we will randomly have new things posted for everybody. Check out the following links for anything SB: * FACEBOOK: * BANDCAMP: * YOUTUBE: Until then, THANK YOU ALL for being patient and the BEST FANS AROUND!!! \m/ Stay tuned for more fun moving forward... We will beat this pandemic together - keep the faith and stay safe! Spread the Word (not the virus!) \m/

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