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What's up Metal Heads!!  \m/

Somewhere Between has just launched a BRAND NEW series on YouTube.
As most of you probably know, bands that travel spend a majority of their time driving from one venue to the next, spending countless hours visiting rest stops, gas stations, restaurants and who knows where else. Well, the amount of shenanigans that add up during this travel can make for some moments of real fun. That is something SB EXCELS at!!  LOL

Appropriately titled 'Somewhere Between Shows', this new series covers everything under the sun as we travel from city to city to perform for YOU. If we're going to have so much fun traveling, why shouldn't YOU enjoy it, too?

Please watch, Like, Share, etc. There's no reason not to!  \m/

Check out the link HERE:

Until the next trip...



It's Monday, Nov. the 18th and Somewhere Between is excited to announce the release of their NEW VIDEO SINGLE, 'Jekyll'.

With 2019 coming to a close, the boys wanted to go out with a bang. I would have to say, they definitely accomplished just that. 'Jekyll' is a hard hitting pocket tune that captures everything from their growling vocal tones over Megadeth-esque type riffs to harmony driven, sing-along choruses. The duel guitar work in this song is just what the doctor ordered, adding to the catchy melodies. The guitar solo work is top notch, showing the skill behind both guitar players.

Ramz Poindexter (Bassist; Drums; Vocals) says of the song, "It's really interesting to see the evolution of how songs are written in this band. In most of the projects Brett and I shared together, he did most of the writing. Then the rest of the band's contribution to the song is how each of us would add our playing style to each part. Lately Brett and Jay have been collaborating on the songs; worki...

   Somewhere Between will be guest hosts and interviewees on the YouTube series 'Musician's Hangout' THIS WEDNESDAY!!!  \m/

   Hostesses Crash Fistfight (drummer, Fatal Butterfly) and Maxine Maxwell (drummer, The Maxwells) have invited SB to their YouTube Series 'Musician's Hangout' to discuss anything and possibly everything music.
   We will answer questions about our favorite artists, favorite songs/albums, influences, etc. You don't want to miss out on what will be a crazy and fun 2 hour show with 2 of the baddest girls in the Northwest music scene.

   Wednesday, October 2nd @ 7pm
   Musician's Hangout (powered by Steamyard)



   Somewhere Between is happy announce the release of our 2nd Docuseries installment, 'Deny the Darkness', off of our 'Overcome' EP.

   'Deny' is a song that, lyrically, means a lot to the band. Discussing cancer at any level can be very overwhelming. A dear friend of an ex-band member was diagnosed with cancer (Stage 4) a few years back. He was able to "overcome" the darkness that is cancer, which went into remission.

   "I'm proud of this song because it just shows we can really reach down deep and find that meaningful topic", says Ramz Poindexter (bassist; drummer).
   Jay Lucero (Guitars) adds, " keep moving forward, no matter what gets in your path. It doesn't matter. You just keep fucking fighting."

   In closing, Brett (Guitars; Vox) adds, "That's one thing we really wanted with this song, was to get that message out - you can overcome it..."

   Look for Somewhere Between in the Portland, OR area Oct. 12th and 19th @ The House of Shadows (Gresham...

Sept. 20th and 21st will see Somewhere Between in Washington State!

* Sept. 20th - Moses Lake, WA @ The Hang Out (9pm; FREE; 21+)

* Sept. 21st - Kelso, WA @ Erebus (7pm; $7; 21+)

See you in WA next weekend!!  \m/

Somewhere Between is booking shows like crazy!!!

Take a gander at the 'Shows' link here on our website to see all of our upcoming shows!
They keep adding up, so don't miss out on a killer concert at different venues across the Northwest, including Tacoma, Vancouver, Salem and Portland!
More shows being added constantly - keep in touch to keep track!

Plans (and maybe even rumors) of short tours in California and Nevada are floating about...  what about, say, Idaho? Arizona? LET'S DO IT!!!  \m/

Eyes and ears open for future shows and tours!!  SPREAD THE WORD!!

Somewhere Between is proud to announce our new online store!

Visit the "Online Store" link at the top of our Home Page to view and purchase a VERY LIMITED supply of CDs and T-shirts.
T-shirts available in Mens and Womens styles, sizes S-XL.
Our 2 EPs are also available on CD; (ea. w/ case and graphics).

More merch will be available SOON!!!  Stay tuned...

Visit: for more details!!

Spread the Word \m/

Feb. 11th 2019 is here and the OFFICIAL RELEASE of Somewhere Between's 2nd EP, 'Overcome' is here!!!

'Overcome' can found for listening and purchasing pleasure at the following websites:


...and many others to come!

You can also visit our online store to purchase a hard copy CD of 'Overcome' (and our self titled debut EP). Just click the 'Online Store' tab at the top of our Home Page.

Thank you for listening!  We hope you enjoy.

Spread the Word \m/


Somewhere Between has launched the 1st of what will be a continuing series on YouTube.

The DocuSeries, will feature songs from Somewhere Between's discography, accompanied by play-throughs by each band member AND commentary cut-ins of the band discussing each song.

'Light the Sky', the 1st full band opening track off their upcoming EP 'Overcome', has been selected as their initial choice. Chalked full of great riffage, powerful lyrics and a balanced mesh of vocal growls and harmonies, 'Light the Sky' is a tune that should have all of you banging your heads and raising those devil horns into the air.

Check out the 1st episode of the SB DocuSeries HERE, on our Media Page OR at Youtube:

Spread the Word \m/


Good day, fellow headbangers!!  \m/

Our song 'Another Dose' (from the new EP, 'Overcome', releasing Monday, Feb. 11th) was featured in a local promo video for Bend, OR's Strength Warehouse.
And we couldn't be happier!!

Thank you to Jay for connecting us with Strength Warehouse to make this happen.
Check out Strength Warehouse online @ to learn more about their business and the great people associated with it.
You can also check them out on FB @

Stay tuned for more Somewhere Between news coming soon, including the release of our NEW EP, 'Overcome' on Monday, February 11th and new music video news!!

Spread the Word  \m/

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