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Hey everybody!  Just poking our heads in for a moment to update everybody on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it has affected SB and our families.

First and foremost, it is my pleasure to announce that EVERYONE in our immediate families are COVID-19 free, and doing great in our respective homes.
SB hopes that all is well with our fans and their families as well.
The state Oregon in particular is one of the (if not the) best for over all numbers as it pertains to the Coronavirus, and percentages. As we all move forward with this pandemic we implore you to follow the state and CDC regulations to keep from spreading COVID-19:

* STAY INDOORS (when at all possible).
If we stay indoors, we can spread or contract the virus. Simple logic

The simple act of washing your hands with an anti-bacterial soap for 20 seconds can help tremendously in the spreading of germs of ANY kind, including the Coronavirus.

This one is pretty diff...

Hey metal heads

With the current explosion of panic due to the newest strain of the Coronavirus (flu) shows everywhere are being cancelled. This is a result of the current state precautionary measure set in place by Gov. Kate Brown.
Currently (as of 4:30pm 3-20-20) the measures have events limited to no more than 25 people. We have been notified that our April 24th show was cancelled.
The Wacken Battle 2020 has been postponed; (no makeup date as of yet).
We anticipate the cancellation/postponement of our remaining shows, too.

Somewhere Between can't express enough how important it is to help stop the spreading of this virus. Simply washing your hands regularly, sanitizing hands and surface areas when possible, and avoiding close contact with people as much as possible are the best ways to prevent further spreading of this new strain of flu.
In Oregon, the COVID-19 Hotline has recommended that ANYONE with the illness remain in their homes. As well, they are being told to treat it as a...

The day is today -the time is now.
Somewhere Between: 'Burn It To the Ground'

We are excited to announce our BRAND NEW ALBUM, 'Burn It To the Ground' has been OFFICIALLY released as of today!!!

You can find it immediately at the following links:

Be sure to visit those sites, check out the new material and Like, Share, and repeat!

Here is the tracklisting for the NEW EP:
1) Warmth (Instrumental)
2) Living Again
3) In Despair
4) Oubliette
5) Cabin Fever
6) Stepping Stone

ALSO - stay tuned for upcoming info on our first single release from the new EP, titled, 'Living Again'. Anyone who came out to watch us rock out before the end of 2019 got a sneak peek of this song performed LIVE.



Some of you may have been wondering what the timer all over our social media is for.....
well......  the tease is finally over.

Somewhere Between is announcing it's BRAND NEW EP RELEASE!! (Friday, February 28th, 2020)

The brand new EP, 'Burn It To The Ground', is the heaviest material to date for SB, and we are absolutely EXCITED to share it with you!!

The album cover has been revealed....  and man....  does it look AWESOME!!
We are HAPPY to work with artist Donald Yatomi again!
Don just recently won a holiday art contest with Megadeth. Tasked to design a Christmas card for Megadeth, Don placed 1st internationally! We couldn't be prouder of him, and are excited to share his latest piece - the cover of our new EP - 'Burn It To The Ground'.

Here is the tracklisting for the NEW EP:

1) Warmth (Instrumental)
2) Living Again
3) In Despair
4) Oubliette
5) Cabin Fever
6) Stepping Stone

More details soon on the release....
Keep watching that timer!!!  \m/

Somewhere Between will be taking a crack at the Wacken Festival 2020!!  \m/

The annual Wacken Festival  is a killer hard rock/metal concert featuring dozens of great, signed bands. As well, many unsigned local acts are also featured.
This year the Battle For Wacken has begun - in several cities.
A battle of the bands by region to select the best of the best local bands to fight for a spot on a stage at Wacken in 2020.

In Portland, OR on March 21st 6 of the best rock/metal bands will compete for a chance to move onto a finals competition, to play for a shot at Wacken 2020.
Somewhere Between will perform a short set in front of judges of their peers, along with 5 other fantastic bands in the Northwest area.

Check out more HERE:

Somewhere Between was recently interviewed about this opportunity.
You can catch that interview HERE:

Good Monday morning Metal Heads \m/

This past weekend Brett and Jay spent some time in the studio performing their respective duel guitar parts for the recently released song (and accompanying music video) 'Jekyll'.

Many of our followers have been asking us how each guitar part is written, and how they work together - so differently - in creating the over all sound and style of our music. 'Jekyll' is a great example of how each part flows together to produce that signature style.

You can view and post your comments HERE:

Feel free to Like, Share and repeat!

As always, thank you for you support! We love to hear your feedback  \m/


Wassap metal heads!! \m/

Just a heads up that SB's NEWEST video is available for your viewing enjoyment RIGHT NOW!!

Check out Pt. 2 of our 'Somewhere Between Shows' documentary, up on YouTube NOW!
This 2nd installment wraps up our 'in-between' show shenanigans from our Gresham weekend back in October, 2019.
We have tons of fun on the road and equally love sharing our fun with YOU, our dedicated fans.
From personal insults towards each other to making fun of state park brochures at truck stops, the fun never ends - lol.

Check it out HERE:
'Somewhere Between Shows' Series, Pt. 2 - on the SB YouTube Channel

More metal and shenanigans coming soon!!  STAY TUNED  \m/


Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, Winter Solstice, St. Lucia Day, St. Nicholas Day and a Happy New Year to come!! Happy Holidays all around!

Somewhere Between takes family time very seriously around the holidays, thus the quiet schedule during winter. But don't 'fret' - there are PLENTY of good things to come as we quickly head into 2020:

This week SB will be releasing Pt. 2 of the 'Somewhere Between Shows' series on YouTube. Music for our upcoming EP (not yet titled) is already underway and tentatively set to be released in February. Finally, Brett and Jay have begun work on several guitar videos to be released randomly over weeks to come throughout the new year. That's just the tip of the iceberg!

As always, stay tuned for upcoming news and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! \m/


What's up Metal Heads!!  \m/

Somewhere Between has just launched a BRAND NEW series on YouTube.
As most of you probably know, bands that travel spend a majority of their time driving from one venue to the next, spending countless hours visiting rest stops, gas stations, restaurants and who knows where else. Well, the amount of shenanigans that add up during this travel can make for some moments of real fun. That is something SB EXCELS at!!  LOL

Appropriately titled 'Somewhere Between Shows', this new series covers everything under the sun as we travel from city to city to perform for YOU. If we're going to have so much fun traveling, why shouldn't YOU enjoy it, too?

Please watch, Like, Share, etc. There's no reason not to!  \m/

Check out the link HERE:

Until the next trip...



It's Monday, Nov. the 18th and Somewhere Between is excited to announce the release of their NEW VIDEO SINGLE, 'Jekyll'.

With 2019 coming to a close, the boys wanted to go out with a bang. I would have to say, they definitely accomplished just that. 'Jekyll' is a hard hitting pocket tune that captures everything from their growling vocal tones over Megadeth-esque type riffs to harmony driven, sing-along choruses. The duel guitar work in this song is just what the doctor ordered, adding to the catchy melodies. The guitar solo work is top notch, showing the skill behind both guitar players.

Ramz Poindexter (Bassist; Drums; Vocals) says of the song, "It's really interesting to see the evolution of how songs are written in this band. In most of the projects Brett and I shared together, he did most of the writing. Then the rest of the band's contribution to the song is how each of us would add our playing style to each part. Lately Brett and Jay have been collaborating on the songs; worki...

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